Hi. My name is Dane Ram.

I'm a creative director. agent. mover.

I endeavour to contribute new progress and awareness to the business of commercial Dance, develop consciousness and resourcefulness within the arts community, and create opportunities and growth for others in our field. We do this at our full-service Dance and Production House in London, UK:

Check out our professional dance facility and production house in London.

I'm an old soul with a new approach - highly creative and pragmatic where both quality and quick turnaround are priority in production. My company offers casting, creative resources, training, booking, budgeting, organization, outreach, marketing, strategy, and all the little things that ultimately create the impact you need to achieve in your final product or service. I enjoy saying yes to my clients and encouraging the best possible outcomes through hands-on delivery.

Happy to let you know how I can help. If only for a good coffee, contact me to have a chat and let's see where it goes! I look forward to hearing more about your project.


creating from the inside out